Spruce Ridge Llamas Adventure Treks

Colorado Llama Adventures and Hikes
4141 CR 210 Salida, CO 81201

"Really a terrific and unique outdoor experience and a great way to see Colorado's amazing scenery. The llamas were wonderful to hike with and I've had a lot of fun since, sharing the various "Llama Facts" I learned along the way with friends and coworkers." James, '09



Overnight Treks from June 1- through September 15

2 Days/1 Night Trek - $339/Adult

Children under 12, $175 each

Minimum of 2, Maximum of 5

   1. Little Cochetopa Creek Trail.  Easy. 8,500 - 10,500 ft.

        8 miles roundtrip.  We follow Spruce Creek Trail until we

        branch off along an irrigation ditch that passes through  

        quiet aspen forests and dense lodgepole pine stands.  The trail

        emerges into a ponderosa and grass covered slope with

        beautiful views of the Sangre de Cristo mountains.  Following

        the ditch the trail merges with a 4-wheel drive road that passes

        through stands of aspen and spruce.  Our shorter trek overnight

        camping spot (about 2 1/2 miles) is off the 4-wheel drive road

        along the creek in a stand of apen and pines.

        Our longer overnight trek is an easy to moderately difficult trail

        due to its rockiness. If we leave the trailhead at about 10:30am

        we usually arrive at our camping spot around 3 to 4pm. It's a

        longer hike of about 4 1/2 miles in or 9 miles round trip. At the

        end of the 4WD road described above is a hiking trail through

        stands of subalpine fir, engleman spruce and aspen with beautiful

        mountain views and distant views of the Continental Divide. We

        usually camp in a quiet and secluded clearing with awesome

        mountain views, unbelievable nighttime stargazing and the

        soothing sound of the Little Cochetopa Creek nearby.

In past years we've offered other trail routes but the Little Cochetopa Creek trail is unsurpassed in solitude, mountain views, wildflowers stargazing, sometimes wildlife viewing, and accessibility for nearly any level of hiking ability.Several Forest Service Rangers say this is one of the most beautiful alpine basins in all of Colorado!

3 Days/2 Night Trek - $489/Adult

Children under 12, $250 each

Minimum of 2, Maximum of 4

   1. Little Cochetopa Creek Trail. Easy to Steep. 8,500 - 12,250 ft.

        From 9 miles up to 18 miles roundtrip depending on how far we

        go. On Day 1 We trek 4 1/2 miles with our llamas to a small

        picturesque meadow valley where we set up a base camp at

        about 10,450 ft between two tall peaks with distant views of

        the Continental Divide. On Day 2 we do an all day hike

        without the llamas from our base camp toward the Continental

        Divide. There are many spectacular views all along the

        moderately steep to steep trail. On some of our treks our guests

        make it to the top of the Continental Divide at 12,250 feet.

        Many of our guests want a less strenuous hike and so we stop

        for a picnic lunch at an old miners cabin at about 11.700 ft that

        looks out on the beautiful alpine bowl between Mount Ouray

        (13,981 ft) and Chipeta Peak (12,850 ft), and then return to our

        base camp. Sometimes we're able to catch a glimpse of the 130+

        elk herd that summer ranges in the bowl before returning to our

        base camp. On Day 3 we pack up our gear and return to our

        llama ranch usually around 2 - 3pm.

Note: we don't offer overnight treks after 9/15 because of the unpredictability of weather, cold temperatures and possible snow in the high country.


Llama Day Treks

June 1 through October 10

All Day Trek with Picnic Lunch, $85/Adult

Children under 12, $45 each

Minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6


  1. Spruce Creek.  Easy.  8,500 - 9,400 ft.  2-3 miles. The trail at

       times uses an old road. It passes through large stands of aspen

       and ponderosa and through small meadows with awesome views

       of distant mountains and mountain valleys.       

  2. Little Cochetopa Creek/Spruce Creek.  Easy. 8,500-9,200 ft.

        3-5 miles.  Like the trail above this treks takes you through

        large stands of aspen and ponderosa forests, with views that  

        overlook the Sangre de Cristo mountains and the

        Continental Divide. With multiple variations of this trail, this trek

        can last 4 to 6 hours.

  3. Cleveland Mountain. Easy. 8,800-9,400 feet. 2-5 miles. The

        trail crosses the creek and passes through aspen, fir and pine

        forests before emerging into islands of trees and open

        meadows.The views are vast and fabulous of the Sangre de

        Christos and the Sawatch Range of 14,000 foot peaks.


Half Day Treks June 1 through October 10

$50/Adult and $25 for Children under 12

This is a 1- 1 1/2 hour walk with the llamas for little ones who cannot walk more than 1/2 mile. It is on private land in aspen and pine trees and some open areas and at times along a quiet and cool creek. Water and Snacks are provided. Up to 6 people and children.


The treks described above have been carefully chosen to provide you with an exceptional backcountry experience with solitude, outstanding views and none of the crowds frequently experienced in the 14’ers region.