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Colorado Llama Adventures and Hikes
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Why do you use llamas for packing into the mountains?

Llamas are intelligent, sure-footed animals with a calm and friendly disposition, making them easy to lead.

Llamas are easy on the environment too.  Their two-toed foot and leathery bottom pad mean minimal environmental impact, similar to that of deer.

As a pack animal, llamas can carry 40 - 90 pounds of gear.

Do you ride the llamas?

NO! They are not exotic horses!!  For thousands of years llamas have been used as pack animals.  Our llamas carry all your personal stuff and all the equipment necessary for a safe, enjoyable llama trek.  Usually everyone leads one of our gentle, woolly buddies.  Most children really enjoy having their own llama to lead and frequently forget about “how much farther is it?”.

How old do you have to be to go on a llama trek?

We’ve had young infants carried by mom or dad in one of our comfortable child carry backpacks, to couples in their early 70s who happily and successfully complete our treks.  Children as young as 3 often lead a llama. On our day treks we've had several in their 80's and 90's who have enjoyed our llamas.

Do we each get to lead a llama?

Yes, unless there are more than 6 people in your party.

Do you have scheduled dates?

No.  You select your date and e-mail or call us with the desired date; an alternate date is helpful in case we can’t accommodate you.  When your trek date is scheduled you need to fill out a registration at the "Reservation" site, include a $100 check per person for Overnight Treks; and $100 for the entire party for Day Treks and mail it to us. The balance can be paid with a credit card, travelers check or cash. We suggest that you try and fit us in during the middle or end of your Colorado vacation.  Otherwise you will not have acclimated to Colorado's high altitude and you will not enjoy the trek!

Please remember that we take only you and your guest(s), with a minimum of 2 and prefer a maximum of 4.  We don’t mix you with others that you don’t know.  This allows us to travel at your pace and schedule.

How far do you go each day?

This depends partly on the trek chosen, and on you.  Some of our treks are circle treks versus up and down treks.  We usually have some flexibility on places to camp and trek routes if we need to shorten the distance traveled.

Most of our treks are suitable for anyone in good health and reasonable physical condition.

Pre-conditioning such as walking and swimming will help you better enjoy your trek.

Do I need to bring my own sleeping bag or rent any equipment?

No.  We provide all the equipment including 3 season tents, sleeping bags rated to 20 degrees (or 0 degrees for fall treks), inflatable sleeping pads, complete cooking gear, a first aid kit and toiletry items.  You bring only your personal items, rain gear, flashlight, camera and binoculars (optional).  Each person is allowed up to 15 pounds of personal items. 

This is a true camping experience, not a 5-Star hotel in the wilderness.  With your help we’ll pitch our tents, set up camp and cook our meals.  We practice low impact and “leave-no-trace” camping.  Our bathroom facilities are primitive.

What kind of food do you serve?

Our food is homemade: no hot dogs or PBJ sandwiches unless you request them.  We provide wholesome meals to satisfy mountain appetites and we request your input on what kinds of foods you like and dislike.  Menus are custom planned.

Please note that we do not serve alcohol on our treks.  The Colorado High Altitude Research Institute strongly recommends that alcohol and caffeine be limited when at higher altitudes.  We do serve caffeine-free drinks and vitamin C rich fruit juices.

Are there discounts for children?

Yes.  Children 4 - 12 go for half price.

Your prices seem to be less than most other llama outfitters.  Why?

We’re a family-owned business and understand how expensive vacations can be.  That’s why we offer discounts for children 12 and under.  We also like to cater to couples and families.  When you llama trek with us, you‘ll use top quality equipment, eat tasty home-made meals and be treated to the best of Colorado Rocky Mountain views and memories.

I’ve heard llamas spit?

Yes, llamas spit when they are abused just like dogs bite or cats scratch.  Llamas also spit to establish their pecking order among other llamas or when they get too close to another llama.  Nevertheless, llamas are very sociable animals and perform best when there are other llamas around. Since we began Spruce Ridge Llamas in 1993 we've never had a llama spit on a guest.

Can I bring my dog on your llama treks?

We’re sorry but we cannot allow dogs.  The Forest Service requires dogs to be on a leash at all times. Llamas, as well as wildlife that inhabit our forests, do not get along very well with dogs.

Are there other activities in your area suitable for our vacation?

Lots! Our county has several tag lines: "Colorado's Headwaters of Adventure", "Now This is Colorado", and "The Fourteener's Region" with 15 peaks over 14,000 feet, more than any other county in the United States.  Downtown Salida is the State’s largest historical district; and we have the State’s largest indoor hot springs pool.  View our county's website at www.nowthisiscolorado.com.

The Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area is a 148 mile-long river park. It is the most popular whitewater boating river in the United States with Class 1-5 water (noahsark.com).  Other recreation options include mountain biking, fishing, rockhounding, kayaking, golf, off-road vehicles use, ghost towns, hiking, dude ranches and a full slate of calendar of events to take in.

Over 40 art galleries are located in historic downtown Salida.  The Aspen Music Festival and Salida Concerts Inc. provide the best of classical and jazz music on weekends during July and early August.

For a complete online guide to the Salida area visit our county’s website at www.ColoradoHeadwaters.com.  Or call 1-800-831-8594 to obtain a free visitors guide.

What about tipping?

All our staff are paid but tipping is always appreciated.    

If you have other questions, please email us at spruceridgellamas@hotmail.com, or call us at 719-539-4182.